High blood pressure is the pressure that is caused by the constrained flow of blood through the narrow arteries. This restriction makes the heart to pump the blood faster and harder, leaving it with little time to rest. Continuous high blood pressure leads to weakening of the arteries and to even closing them completely.

high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a growing global epidemic. Therefore, it is important we find the ways to treat the condition and also prevent it. Living a healthy lifestyle by doing regular physical exercises is a key factor to keep high blood pressure at bay. It is also vital to incorporate essential oils such as coconut oil in your routine to lower the blood pressure.

What are the benefits of coconut oil for blood pressure?

Coconut oil, in particular, has been dominating the beauty and health market for quite some time now. From its vital roles in the culinary world to being a key ingredient in most of the beauty products-the experts in health have found that coconut oil has innumerable benefits. Lowering the blood pressure level is one of its indispensable roles in your body.

Coconut oil is about 92 percent saturated fat and comprises of Omega-3 fatty acids and medium chain fatty acids. It is therefore believed to be ideal for reducing blood pressure than vegetable oils can do. When you consume polyunsaturated fats, for example omega-6 fatty acids like vegetable oils and soybean, makes the blood vessels to constrict. This is different with Omega-3 in coconut oil which has no same effect. In fact, they broaden the blood vessels. The oil further relieves the inflammation of the arteries.

High blood pressure and coconut oil

Poor diet, family history, and diet are some of the causes of high blood pressure. Apart from prescription medications, there is little that a doctor can do to reduce or reverse high blood pressure. However, one of the best alternatives is to incorporate coconut oil in your diet combined with physical exercises.
Since coconut oil has many health benefits, if you use it properly, you can greatly lower the blood pressure.

Cons of coconut oil

Coconut oil can go rancid when exposed to sunlight and heat. Therefore, use it within the very first weeks you buy it. The toxins that develop due to that exposure are even more harmful than Omega-6 fatty acids. These toxins can even increase the levels of blood pressure.

Previous researches

A recent research done from the Federal University of Paraiba in Brazil shows that combination of coconut oil and regular exercise can help lower the levels of blood pressure.

The research examined rats in a laboratory that had a high blood pressure.
According to the findings, a combination of regular exercise and coconut oil helped reduce blood pressure levels, as well as increase weight loss in laboratory rats. The rats were put into 5 groups. They were then given different variations of regular exercises and coconut oil. The findings showed that when the two were combined, there was improved baroreflex sensitivity, reduced blood pressure, reduced body weight, reduced superoxide levels, and decreased lipid peroxidation.

In addition, researchers also noticed that their weight was reduced, something else that can help lower high blood pressure.
According to a research published in the West Indian Medical journal, drinking a coconut oil can significantly lower or reduce the systolic blood pressure by at above 70 percent. It also reduces diastolic pressure by about 30 percent.
How are these researches helpful?

The hunter-gatherers avoided many of the diseases that plague most of us today. The Paleo lifestyle such as exercise prescriptions and dietary can help in lowering the blood pressure to the best healthy levels. This can be especially achieved with a regular addition of coconut oil into your diet.

Dietary changes are always prescribed prior to the medication as a way of lowering the blood pressure into safe levels. The Paleo Diet eliminates salt, processed foods, and it is high in the anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.
Various studies show a clear evidence of the positive results of physical exercise on reducing blood pressure values to healthy ranges. Anyone who is not active typically is at higher risk of getting higher blood pressure than the one who exercise regularly. Inactivity is the main risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.
The findings can be of help to over 67 million people who struggle with high blood pressure. It will go a long way in reducing the risks such as strokes, heart diseases, heart attack, kidney diseases, and vision problems.

It is possible to lower the risk of high blood pressure with lifestyle choices only. Try to add a tablespoon of coconut oil to your food daily, and do physical exercises regularly. Visit your doctor more often to monitor your levels of blood pressure.

Beating High Blood Pressure with a Combination of Coconut Oil and Physical Exercises

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