Top 10 Beauty Uses Of Coconut Oil
Ever thought that a coconut oil can do wonders in enhancing your beauty? Research has proved that use of coconut oil on skin improves hydration and makes skin lipids remain intact. It is better than your regular moisturizer. Here are top 10 beauty uses of coconut oil:

Beauty Uses Of Coconut Oil


  • Amazing hair conditioner

Experts believe that coconut oil can do wonders in repairing your dry and damaged hair. It contains fatty acids that soften the hair. Take some oil in your palm and apply them between your fingers. Then apply it from roots to tip, one section at a time. This way you will be nourishing your hands also.


  • Shaving cream

Throw all your shaving creams that harm your skin. Use coconut oil instead. Massage the oil into your skin and then shave your legs. Wash them off when you are done. You will be left with soft legs without making use of harmful chemicals on your skin.


  • Conditions your eye lashes

As we have mentioned earlier that coconut oil nourishes the hair. It is also good at nourishing your eye lashes. Dip a cotton pad in coconut oil and gently press it over your eye lashes and eye brows. This will make your eye lashes and brow look shinier, fuller and healthier.


  • Soothes dry skin

At home when you are tired of watching the bad effects of dishwashing, coconut oil can help you with this. Keep a coconut oil jar besides your kitchen sink and rub some after you are done with dishwashing. This will keep your hands soft and moist.


  • Night cream

Coconut can also make your skin perform better along with moisturizing it. It helps in locking the moisturizer in and promotes hydration. Apply some oil on your face, hands and legs at night. It works as a superb lotion as well.


  • Lip balm

If you are ok with the taste of the oil, then go for it. As the fatty acids present in the oil help in keeping the moisture in, you will feel soft lips. Apply some on your lips at night. This way it works better and for longer as you will not be chapping your lips while sleeping.

  • Cuticles

It is a great idea to sue coconut oil on your cuticles. Coconut oil has an anti-fungal property which is good for ragged cuticles and all the toes. The emollient nature of this oil keeps the helps in keeping cuticles soft. I order to liquefy the oil warm it up a little by placing some in a container under running hot water.


  • On Nails

Rub some coconut oil on your nails and it will make them stronger. Although it does not help in growing your nails, but it will surely help in keeping your nails from becoming brittle.


  • Cheekbone highlighter

Highlighters are amazing in making the skin of your dull face glow. Now you don’t have to buy expensive chemical based products, instead go for coconut oil. Just sweep some amount of oil on your cheeks on top of the make up and leave it alone. It will make your skin glow. That is why it used as base ingredient in some make up products.


  • Make up Remover

Coconut oil has an ability to take off even the most stubborn mascara or eyeliner of yours with ease. It has antibacterial properties which are safe and healthy for your skin. It works as an amazing cleanser and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

coconut oil make up remover

Top 10 Beauty Uses Of Coconut Oil

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